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Francesco Illy ushered in a new age for fine coffee in 1935 with his illetta machine: the first espresso system to employ separate heat and pressure functions, making better (not burnt-tasting) espresso an expectation rather than random event. His legacy of innovation lives in every machine illy designs today: where precise engineering melds form and function, seamlessly and beautifully.


About Us

Nwe Ta Pin Trading Co., Ltd supplies imported Italian food products such as olive oils, pastas, tomato sauces and beverages which includes sparkling water, a fine selection of Italian wines and famous illy brand coffee.

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Contact us

  • No. 520, Ground Floor (A), Oo Yin Street New University Avenue, Bahan Township Yangon, Myanmar
  • Telephone : 01 556 774, 09 421 127 172
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