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CA'del Bosco

CA'del Bosco Maurizio Zanella - Rosso del Sebino (IGT 2010)

CA'del Bosco Maurizio Zanella - Rosso del Sebino (IGT 2010)

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Producer - Ca' del Bosco
Region/Appellation - Sebino IGT
Country Hierachy - Lombardy, Italy
Grape/Blend - Bordeauz Blend Red
Food Suggestion - Beef and
Wine Style - Red
Alcohol Content - 13.50%
Distributor - Nwe Ta Pin

Maurizio Zanella 2010


Sebino Rosso I.G.T.

Grape varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 25%, Cabernet Franc 25%.

Vineyards of provenance

Two Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards planted an average of 28 years ago located in the municipality of Erbusco.
One Merlot vineyard planted an average of 26 years ago located in the municipality of Cazzago San Martino.
One Cabernet Franc vineyard planted an average of 25 years ago located in the municipality of Passirano.

Harvest period

From 21 to 24 September 2010.

Average yield per hectare

7,000 kilograms of grapes, equivalent to 4,100 litres of wine (must-to-fruit ratio 58%).


Maurizio Zanella is obtained from the separate fermentation of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes from Ca’ del Bosco’s fnest vineyards. As soon as the grapes are picked, using small cases, they are graded and chilled. Each bunch is selected by expert cellar staf before being
transported over the maceration vat. Destemming causes the berries to fall into the vat from above by gravity. Tis avoids the traditional pumping systems that would produce unwanted herbaceous aromas. At the 2010 harvest, alcoholic fermentation and maceration took 21 days, with careful monitoring of temperature and punch-downs. Pump-overs were performed daily using a pair of lift tanks in which the wine, drawn of from the bottom of the vat, is transferred by gravity. Te wine is lifted by the fying tanks and poured into the high-capacity vat to submerge the cap. Tere is no more natural or efective way of delicately extracting colour and tannins. Te still-warm wines are drawn into small oak casks, 70% of which are new, from selected wood seasoned for at least three years. Only in midwinter, when malolactic fermentation is complete, is the wine racked and the various lots blended. Tis is how we make Maurizio Zanella, which continues to mature in wood for about 17 months. Later, the various parcels are blended and the wine is bottled naturally by gravity fow. Innovative bottling systems ensure that the wine is not subjected to oxidative stress or disturbance, and that no further sulphites are added. Integrity and healthfulness are guaranteed. Finally, every bottle is given an individual marking to ensure its traceability.


30 July 2012.

Bottle ageing

Tree years and two months.

Data at bottling

Alcohol 13.5% Vol.; pH 3.60; Total Acidity 4.80 grams/litre;
Volatile Acidity 0.36 grams/litre.


Total Sulphur Dioxide less than 45 milligrams/litre
(maximum legal limit: 150 milligrams/litre).

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